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Free Digital Skills Training for Detroit Moms

Making design accessible means taking a nontraditional approach to design education. For Belle Detroit, it means we seek out the talents and perspectives of community members to create world-changing design, copy, and marketing strategies.

On-demand caregiving is a lesson in how to manage tasks, pursue quality, think creatively, empathize, communicate, and understand nuances. These skills make mothers the perfect candidates to solve business’s creative needs, but the demands of child-rearing mean they need flexible and innovative opportunities.

That’s why we offer free skills training in graphic design, website design, content writing, social media mangement, branding, and marketing to moms in Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck. If you are, know, or work with a mom interested in learning digital design and marketing skills, click on one of the images below to learn more and apply for one of our free programs. Sessions are project-based and span from two hours to 12 weeks.

What kind of project-based programs do we offer?

  • how to create flyers and website graphics

  • how to design websites

  • how to understand elements of a business’s brand

  • how to write advertisements and articles for businesses

  • how to use microsoft word and excel for marketing

  • how to manage and analyze social media for businesses

Programming for Community Organizations

Digital Skills Apprenticeship

Digital Skills
Training Intensive