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Who We Are

We’re Changing the Way Agencies Do Business

Our Vision & Values

We’re not a typical creative agency or consulting firm. See how our core values drive every aspect of our work - and how we can help yours do the same.

An Equitable Detroit

Through our creative work for companies, we provide digital skills training to Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park community members, including an intensive skills training cohort for qualifying moms. At the completion of the cohort, trainees are invited to profit-sharing revenue opportunities on our team. Our unique structure makes us perfect for teams seeking a creative partnership and impact-oriented companies looking for help communicating their visual and written message.

Diversity in the Design Ecosystem

Mission-minded organizations need nontraditional solutions to modern problems but often compile teams of people that look like each other in background and stage of life. Through caregiving, urban mothers develop task management, a commitment to quality, out-of-the-box thinking, empathy, and the ability to communicate and understand nuances but often face barriers to significant revenue opportunities. Belle Detroit solves both of these problems. We help businesses use their mission to drive sales and impact through a team that is more consistent than a crew of freelancers but more accessible than a traditional agency.

Greater Impact for Mission-Minded Businesses and Organizations

As a social enterprise, we remain committed to advancing the work of companies and organizations that want to change the world: nonprofits, fellow social enterprises, and companies that want to create conscious, more responsible workplaces. We are in the trenches of community development work but possess the creative and strategic acumen to drive conversions.

A Model for Modern Workplaces

Our low-profit limited liability status makes us a hybrid between a nonprofit and a standard for-profit and allows us to do important neighborhood work that still makes a profit. We invite companies and organizations with a similar mindset to consider creative ways that they can use their work, their strategy, and even their structure to work for better access, equity, and thoughtfulness in all aspects of their work - including their teams.

Depth Before Width

We believe in planting deep roots, in investing heavily in the community, and in cultivating buy-in from our stakeholders. We are also passionate about peer-reviewed work and excellence that speaks for itself.


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